A Thanksgiving full house with a King Charles spaniel and 3 cats!


Housesit and petsit King Charles spaniel in Southern California(Part 1 of 2)

It was wonderful having the opportunity to help out a family planning a Thanksgiving trek to ski country, and the Santa Monica area was not a bad place for us to spend the holidays!

Did I mention it was a packed house? The “normal” household included little Chelsea, a beautiful and sweet King Charles spaniel, and Sylvester, an independent-natured longhair cat.  However, the homeowners had accepted temporary care of two cats from a niece for an extended period, and, as is sometimes said, “…that’s when the fight broke out!” (Read more about the cats in Part 2).

As for Chelsea girl, well, she’s a very sweet-natured, well-behaved, low maintenance girl — a little walk in the morning, some ball tossing in the hallway, a little couch-snuggling before bed equals a happy girl!  Housesit and petsit for King Charles spaniel near Santa Monica, CA
As well-behaved as little Chelsea was, she still had quite a bit of spunk, particularly when it came to the visiting (male) cats, and standing her ground when there were “territory” issues.

We certainly loved the short time we were able to spend with this good-hearted, loving soul! Housesit and petsit King Charles spaniel near Santa Monica, CA

Housesit and pet sit for King Charles spaniel near Santa Monica