A Thanksgiving full house with a King Charles spaniel and 3 cats, continued!


Housesit and petsit a full house of cats near Santa MonicaWe did! We did! We did see a puddy tat, and it looked just like…Sylvester!

Sylvester is a long hair, and the “original” family cat.  Unfortunately for him, two other male cats — Lovey and Lionel — were very poor guests, and tormented him relentlessly, flushing him out of every solitary place he could find, looking to mix it up!

Now, don’t misunderstand, on their own, Lovey and Lionel were a lot of fun!  Lovey was very loving, in fact, he’d surprise the heck out of us by literally attempting to jump into our arms if we were passing by!  Lionel was skittish and shy, but once you gained his confidence, he was very sweet and enjoyed being loved on. Housesit and petsit three cats near Santa Monica

The dynamics of cat behavior are mysterious, particularly so when:

  • There are three
  • They are all male
  • Two of them are new to the ‘hood

We would have loved to be able to able to connect with them more on and individual level, (particularly poor Sylvester)!, but, at least we were successful keeping the peace!


Housesit and petsit a full house of cats near Santa Monica