Mattie will steal your heart!


Housesitting and Petsitting in San Diego for a pit bull boxer mixMattie — look at those eyes!

Mattie’s combination of boxer and pit bull had us guessing what kind of temperament we might be dealing with, but any caution we might have felt dissipated immediately — she is so happy around people!  So happy, the biggest challenge is staying clear of that tail, which is like this big whip that will pound your leg as she shows you how excited she is to see you!

Extended stay care housesit and petsit for pit bull boxer mix in Southern California

Mattie also had difficulties interacting appropriately (or more correctly, as people would like her to interact) with other dogs.  Unfortunately for her, that meant no off-leash time, but, she was a such a happy girl just going for walks and being with us.

Of course, that meant dodging even “line of sight” contact with other dogs.  Sometimes, there was just no way to avoid her seeing another dog, which really got her agitated and nervous,  We discovered, however, just kneeling down and hugging her was all the reassurance it took to help her through whatever anxiety she was experiencing.  What a sweet pie, right? Extended stay pet care with a pit bull boxer mix in Southern California

We get extremely close to the little ones we care for, and some, particularly those that have some stuff going on that requires a little extra attention, really grab your heart, like precious Mattie!