Here are the essentials:Long term house sitting, dog sitting and cat care with jack russell terriers

  • Us: Jeff Sacco and Linda Sasenick are both non-smokers — we’ve been long term house sitting, including dog sitting and cat care, as a kennel alternative, for almost ten years. We travel regionally, and sometimes nationally between sits, focusing on longer term travel needs which often aren’t suitable for local sitters or kennels. You can read our testimonials at the “Letters of Reference” tab. (and if you’d like the more expanded story, just go to the “About Us” tab.)
  • Services: Our focus is longer term (a few weeks or more), “in your home,” pet care, as a kennel alternative. We provide loving care for your pets in their home environment, where they can have the fun and comfort of their normal routines and schedules, so that while you’re away, all they’ll be missing is you! 🙂
  • Rates: We charge a daily base rate of $60/day, which includes one pet. We charge an additional $5/day for each additional pet, dog or cat (higher rates apply for major holiday periods – please contact us for a quote) Some examples:
    Our standard rates include “typical” household and pet care (watering container plants, collecting mail, walking/hiking with dogs, cleaning litter boxes, and the like) — if there are additional pets, special house, yard or pet needs, please contact us to discuss.
  • How to reach us:
    1. You can use our “Contact Us” tab, or
    2. “Like” our Facebook page and message us at 5StarHousesitters