Sprocket, the fox terrier mix, at “work!”


Sprocket at 11 months was such a joy to be dogsitting! Terriers, (including fox terriers) are notorious diggers (the development of the class involved ground activities, such as burrowing to flush rodents, and, “earth” being “terra” the class is known as “terrier”). So, in our first meeting with her parents, we’re in the backyard and a flash of 6 lb mighty terrier merrily runs by with a dead sparrow in her mouth, to her mom’s horror and our bemusement. After proudly displaying her “find,” she of course promptly went to bury it, (which was actually convenient as the dead bird could then be removed and disposed of).

We didn’t get that on video, but she’s so intense “at work,” we put together a clip of her time at the beach. Can’t help it, we love cute dog videos!

Cute dog video at the beach dogsitting fox terrier mix