Vera, with the beautiful green eyes


Housesitting and Petsitting domestic cat in Phoenix
Our housesitting and petsitting engagement in Phoenix included a domestic cat, Vera.

Vera was a rescue, raised from about 4 days old in a family with dogs. Besides being just a beautiful girl, Vera was also completely endearing — she was very independent, but so enjoyed being held and cuddled. Jeff pictured housesitter and petsitter with VeraYou would think having a bell around her neck would make hunting a problem, but somehow, Vera was able to successfully stalk and capture…stuff, fortunately for us, mostly manageable items such as crickets. She also had a strong food drive, so getting her attention was relatively easy (for a cat)!

Most of all, Vera was a pleasure to be housesitters and petsitters for, because she seemed to genuinely enjoy human companionship — yes, because that’s where her food comes from, but there also seemed to be a sense of “this is my pack,” which kept her hanging around her peeps (even the substitute ones!)Housesitters and petsitters watching Vera the catHousesitter and petsitter engagement caring for Vera

Housesitting and Petsitting domestic cat in Phoenix