New Guardians Instead of a Dog Kennel for Muxy and Sierra!


In home dog boarding was a great alternative for these two!We really appreciate owners who choose in their own home pet sitting as their dog boarding alternative, especially when it involves, beautiful, sweet and fun “kids!”

Muxy is a “mixed parentage” 🙂 boy, with a sprinkling of pit bull and possible Rhodesian Ridge Back (he had the characteristic coarse line of fur down his spine which stands at attention when he’s on alert).  Having picked him up as a stray puppy, his owner raised him with much love, and in return, he’s VERY affectionate (a downright snuggle-bunny), well-behaved, and a little precocious!

Muxy is a quick study when it comes to patterns — it doesn’t take him long to learn what comes next — and even in the short time we were with him we had to laugh at how clever he was about trying to train us up: letting us know when it was time for our daily walk; working a quick pat on the head into full belly rubs; reminding us to feed him by noisily flipping his bowl over until we got the message; and uncannily, always being first in bed to get the best position!In your home dog boarding alternative for a pit bull mis

His “sister,” Sierra, is a beautiful Husky who was a rescue and has adapted beautifully to a loving and caring environment.  The breed has a bit of a reputation for being somewhat aloof, but Sierra loves affection — being hugged and petted is obviously something she enjoys, but she’s reserved in “asking” for it, in contrast to Muxy who is unabashed in reminding you he’s right there and obviously way too cute not to love up.In your home dog boarding alternative to dog kennels for a Husky

I can tell you, we all had a wonderful time while Muxy’s and Sierra’s owners were away.  We spent lots of time out on walks in Scottsdale’s beautiful mountain preserves (December is a great time to visit the valley!) and lots of time cuddling, all in the familiar environment and routines of their own home.

Dog boarding in a dog kennel is an option, and there are many really good operators out there, but if you can have them cared for as you would, and have your home more secure by being lived in while your gone, too, for about the same price, isn’t it something to consider?


In home dog boarding was a great alternative for these two!