Huey, our giant puppy in Southern California


Extended stay day care in southern California for a black labFor a long time (and perhaps still), black labs were America’s favorite dogs, and it’s easy to see why with precious little souls such as Huey!

We fell in love with our in home pet care “ward” pretty much at first sight – all 100 pounds of Huey is pure puppy love.  Extremely well-trained (a good thing — Huey is not neutered…) and very popular with so many other dogs in the neighborhood, he is the epitome of all the good traits of black labs, including:

  • Intelligent,
  • Affectionate,
  • Playful,
  • Happy to please,

Extended stay pet care housesit and petsit for black lab in Southern California
As a non-neutered animal, Huey’s off leash options were virtually non-existent, so his primary exercise was a long, night time walk. The owners reinforced a lot of training during the walk (a practice we continued in their absence), which made sense for Huey — it became almost his “job,” something working dogs relish.

Being new to his routines, we weren’t always perfect with his “cues” on the walk. And even when we were mistaken as to whether he broke routine or was answering nature’s call, he was always very calm and patient with us! 🙂 Extended stay pet care housesit and petsit for black lab in Southern California

Most memorable, besides his striking beauty and stature, was Huey’s puppy-like good nature. At almost six years old, Huey is still all good-natured, ready to play, and happily accepting belly rubs!



extended stay pet care for black lab in southern California