Sweet Shih-Tzus Get to Stay Home for the Holiday!


In your home dog boarding as an alternative to the dog kennel for two shih tzusIt’s not always possible to keep your four-legged loved ones with you when you’re away from home.  The owners of Bailey and Samie (short for Samantha) made the decision to get in home dog boarding instead of a dog kennel experience for their two!

Little Bailey is an aging Shih-Tzu, getting around but having some health issues which require a special diet and special care and handling.  She still wants to cuddle on the bed and on the couch, but really doesn’t have the spring any more to get there on her own, even doing her business requires some assistance.

In your home dog boarding alternative for a sweet shih tzuBailey lost a long time companion awhile ago, and had a hard time thriving., so her owners picked up a tiny little puppy at a rescue shelter that was probably shih tzu (at least in part), and now Bailey has Samie to “liven up” her life.

Samie is just under a year old and 12 pounds of loving “let’s play!” which is usually a little more enthusiasm than Bailey’s up for! Besides being an excellent cuddler and super affectionate, Samie loves nothing more than playing (except maybe eating!) She has “Play!Play!Play!” puppy energy non-stop until she drops, and, because she still has those teeth that need to be worked out, she needs to be monitored — A LOT!  Just like a little toddler, Samie is constantly finding new fun things she shouldn’t be getting into, but with such a sweet and affectionate temperament, it’s more charming than annoying.

In your home dog boarding as an alternative to a dog kennelIt was wonderful being able to spend time with and care for these two bundles of love, and very satisfying to know that their time away from their parents is in their own home, with trusted, responsible loving caretakers.  Dog boarding at a dog kennel is an option, but when you can provide them an “in their own home” experience, and have your home cared for, too, while your away, for about the same price, perhaps it’s an option you should look into, too!

In your home dog boarding as an alternative to the dog kennel for two shih tzus