Suzzie the Sheep Dog (and Bunnies, too!)


What a beautiful and delightful companion we enjoyed in Suzzie, the old English Sheep Dog!  Suzzie is convinced she’s a 90 lb. lap dog, and really, who are we to argue? 🙂

Housesit petsit with old English Sheep Dog in Seattle, WA

Caring for Suzzie and her buddies, two male rabbits, Max and Flopsie (aka Mr. Nibbles) while her family enjoyed a 5 week European vacation was a joy. Suzzie loves walks and vigorous games of tug (which is a real workout with 90 pounds of bounding energy on the other end!)

Housesit petsit in Seattle, WA with two rabbits and a sheep dogThe rabbits require some custodial care (wouldn’t it be great if they could be litter box trained), but they certainly were fun to watch during their exercise romps!Housesit petsit with English sheep dog visiting Mt. Baker

We were also fortunate the Suzzie’s parents gave us permission to take her with us at times.  Beautiful Mt. Baker in July was a great respite from the heat, for all of us!

Housesit petsit with English sheep dog visiting Mt. Baker