Linda! Downtown San Diego’s sweetest pit bull mix!


Housesit and Petsit for pit bull mix in San DiegoIt’s hard to ask for a better climate than San Diego offers, and having the opportunity to care for very special pets takes “great” to “superb!”

While Linda’s (pronounced as in Spanish — “Leen-da”) parents took some well-deserved time to visit South America, we got to fall in love with this 45 lb, beauty.  From tough beginnings (as is the story of many rescues, sadly), Linda has blossomed into a playful but patient lick monster! (Ask Linda to “tell me a secret” and you’ll get a very thorough washing behind the ears!)Housesit and petsit in San Diego with pit bull mix

As is the case with other pit bull mixes, Linda is excellent with people, and difficult to gauge regarding her response to other dogs. As is the case in “people world,” there are likely a lot of first impressions, past history and patterns, and body cues in dog-to-dog meetings which cue a dog to be friendly, cautious, or aggressive, and, because our approach is the dog’s safety is always are first priority, dodging even line-of-sight encounters with other dogs became the mission on walks.

House sit and pet sit in San Diego with  pit bull mixBeing a very athletic dog, we worked hard to get Linda some off-leash exercise. Our afternoon at Dog Beach was memorable! Some notes:

  • Linda is VERY fast,
  • Linda is VERY agile,
  • Linda does not have a food drive
  • Linda finds shore birds irresistible
  • Linda is VERY fast…:)

The occasions we’ve had to visit Linda and her parents have been just as delightful as the time we spent with her alone, and we hope there are plenty more of them in the future!

Housesit and Petsit pit bull mix in southern california