Two ways to say adorable – Frankie and Teddy!


Dogs sitting with two cute cockapoos in ColoradoAlthough our core business is medium- to long-term housesitting, dog sitting, (and cat care, too!), it’s often fun when it works out for us to help with shorter term needs, too. We were so fortunate to have the opportunity to care for two cockapoo brothers (litter mates) in Boulder — it’s a good thing it was for just a long weekend, the two were so enchanting, we could hardly stop ourselves from taking picture after picture after picture!Dog sitting Frank and Ted, cockapoo brothers in Colorado

Frankie and Teddy are adorable, and it’s not just our biased perspective — just look at the pictures! 🙂 We loved being out with them — not only were they fun, well-mannered and easy to be with, the happiness they sparked in people was so wonderful to see! And such personality, too — Frankie act the “big brother,” pretty cautious, independent, watches out for “little brother”, Teddy, who is a little more open, accepting and generally good-natured.(However, Teddy can also be a little stubborn — f, for instance, you’re actually trying to get somewhere on a walk with him and he’s enjoying the smell of every plant, tree or pole along the way, you might have a bit of a challenge!)

Dogs sitting cockapoo brothers at the dog parkHappily for us, Frankie’s and Teddy’s owners were part of a small dog meet-up group in the area, which had scheduled some morning meet-ups the dates we were there. It was just the perfect group for our little guys — we had expected them, particularly Teddy, to be a little reserved, but they were so excited to go romping, chasing and playing with their friends, the one morning we we weren’t able to take them, you could just feel their disappointment. (The day wasn’t a total bust for them though, because they got to go on a CAR RIDE!, another favorite past time).

It’s always a little sentimental to leave some of our favorites (actually, all of them steal our hearts in their own special way), and it was particularly tough to leave these little two, but knowing how loved and well-cared for they are makes it easier. We are so looking forward to the next time it works out for us to be housesitting and dog sitting for this great family!Housesitting and dog sitting two cockapoo brothers