Puggles — Too Cute to be in a Dog Kennel!


Bugsy and Sully are best buds, and their parents made sure they get great care while they’re away — we’re providing a great dog boarding alternative, pet sitting in their home!Puggles enjoying pet sitters as a dog boarding alternativeThese two cutie pies have such great personalities!  Bugsy is a little 20 pounder who loves snuggling up, whatever you’re doing!  Sully is almost twice the size, certainly more beagle in him, and very affectionate.  Both are VERY curious with a keen sense of smell — any activity in the kitchen is met with great excitement by these two!

Pet sitting as a dog boarding alternative for two puggles in southwest Florida

With the owner’s permission (of course) we tried sleeping with them at night.  They were so happy with the opportunity, and things were fine for a little while, until we experienced what has discouraged the owners from making it a nightly experience — they burrow!  Both were resting peacefully, then suddenly decided it was time, which meant walking up over our heads and getting under the sheets to position themselves by our legs!

We’ve not experienced this with pups before — even the snugglers like to stay a little cool at night.  But these two were determined that the only place for them on the bed was going to be nestled deep under the covers, snugged up against us.  It’s a very heart-warming (and leg-warming!) experience, so we let them rest there for a little while before tucking them in to their kennel, where we all got a much better night’s sleep!

One of the reasons we’re big proponents of in your home pet sitting as a dog kennel alternative is the level of care, comfort, and (relative) consistency in schedule we can provide pets while you’re away.  You’ll love coming home to happy, healthy pups!

Pet sitting as a dog boarding alternative for puggles in southwest Florida


Puggles enjoying pet sitters as a dog boarding alternative