How to Care for Senior Pets, Without Additional Budget Cost

Senior dog care tips

(Guest post, written by Nick Burton, – thanks, Nick!)

Meeting the special needs of your senior pet can be fairly taxing for your budget. You may be faced with more vet bills, but you can still find ways to fit your senior pets’ health and happiness into even the tightest budget. Here’s how to make that happen.

Save Money on All of Your Senior Pet Supply Needs

Having the right pet supplies will ensure that your senior pets are supported in all the right ways. Picking up a few extra comforts, such as heated pet beds, raised feeding stations, or even softer chew toys, can help your older pets feel relaxed and loved. Best of all, you can easily fit these items into your budget by picking up all that you need from stores like Walmart. If you do your senior pet supply shopping online, you can look for Walmart promo codes and coupons that may even give you cash back on all those purchases.

You can use these savings, as well as cashback from your other shopping needs, to pay for additional care and comfort for your senior pets. So, check out Walmart’s selection of pet supplies, then be sure to check online for discount offers that can help put more bucks back into your wallet for special treats for your furry family members. Some of the best senior dog treats are ones that provide additional benefits for your older pets, so make sure you look for soft, nutritionally sound that won’t cause issues for senior pets with sensitive stomachs.

Get Budget-Friendly Care for Your Senior Pets While You’re Away

Older pets often suffer from food sensitivities. What’s more, dogs and cats can be so sensitive to change as well, and those anxieties can get worse when your pets are older. If your dogs are getting up in years, you may notice more barking and destructive behavior when you are away from home. Some senior pets also have a harder time waiting to use the bathroom outdoors.

How can you make sure your senior pets are taken care of when you are at work or on vacation? The best bet for your budget may be to hire a pet sitter to hang out with your pets in your home. Boarding facilities can stress out older dogs and cats, but hiring a professional pet sitter to provide the same care at home can help older pets stay calm when you are away. Plus, pet sitters tend to have lower rates than boarding and doggie daycare centers and can provide house sitting services as well. However, if you do choose to board your senior pets, make sure you take the proper steps to keep your pets’ stress levels down. Include a few of their toys to keep them comfortable, and don’t be afraid to discuss your separation anxiety concerns with the vets or staff at your preferred boarding facility.

Look for Cost-Effective Ways to Treat Common Senior Pet Issues

Just like older people, senior pets can be more prone to certain health issues. For senior felines, arthritis can cause pain and inflammation in their joints. You should make an appointment with your vet to discuss your treatment options, but you can also help your pets by looking for other ways to provide a boost to their health. For arthritis issues in dogs and cats, a joint supplement may be a simple and budget-friendly option for helping those aging joints stay healthy. There are tons of arthritis supplements to choose from that can help your senior pets, so it should be easy to find one has the right benefits and price for you and your pets.

If you’re a bit crafty, you can also put together a do-it-yourself pet ramp to help your older pets access your car, bed, or furniture. A ramp or set of stairs will help prevent your senior pets from being injured when jumping from higher surfaces and can save you the physical stress of attempting to pick up larger senior pets.

It’s easy to be frugal and keep your best friends comfortable in their old age. Just make sure you have the right promo codes and the easiest ways to save on all of your senior pet care needs.

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Senior dog care tips